The WinWealth Team support Asset and Wealth Managers in four cardinal ways:


Our Microsoft Dynamics CRM experts will help you get the most out of Microsoft CRM Dynamics through cutting edge design, implementation and integration specifically tailored to meet your company’s requirements.

We can help with your roadmap development, support your decision-making for implementing Dynamics CRM, help you correct an implementation that has gone wrong, or upgrade to the latest version.

We use advanced techniques including custom programming, workflows and other customizations to suit your unique needs.

Whatever your requirement, our team of consultants can help you achieve your objectives.


If you're moving over to Dynamics CRM from another CRM system, or have another database of records that has been stored, we can help you design, plan execute your data migration.

Often, a successful CRM data migration requires more than a simple data mapping exercise. Data from legacy will usually need to carefully extracted from the legacy systems and cleansed / transformed into the target data model. Maintaining the appropriate business and system relationships among these datasets is crucial whilst the cleansing and transformation is carried out.

We deploy a complex suite of technology to cleanse, transform and prepare your data for CRM. We can handle large volumes of complex data.

Whatever your requirement, our team of consultants can help you achieve your objectives.


Custom Implementation


Whilst Microsoft has gone to great lengths to cater for core requirements for many businesses in various industries, your business will inevitably have specialized processes, methods and ways of working which will require extensions to the default solution in Microsoft CRM Dynamics.

WinWealth uses custom development to harness the power of CRM dynamics for the Wealth and Asset Management industries. Our business analysts and developers are available to further extend the core product for custom-fit the product for your optimal use. By integrating with existing off-the-shelf software we can deliver big, cost-effective wins to your operational efficiency, helping you get the most of the technology you use every day.

WinWealth as a (Managed) Service

WinWealth can be provided as both a one-time install for clients, but also offer an enriched managed service. We assume full responsibility for providing a defined set of 24/7 services from the application 1st line support to the IT infrastructure on a proactive basis by leveraging Microsoft’s Dynamics Cloud service.

Wefollow best practice in IT Service Management practices ensuring our customers have a support solution in which they can trust that their Dynamics environment and applications are being actively monitored and managed to the highest standards, ensuring optimum availability, reliability and performance.