The WinWealth system support Asset and Wealth Managers in four cardinal areas:

Intelligent Marketing

Automated solutions for target selection, campaign execution and lead qualification.

Integrations with Email Marketing specialists

We can integrate with various leading Email Marketing agencies such as DotMailer and Click Dimensions.

Dynamic dashboards

With overview and useful insights you can take direct action to optimize your campaigns and improve your results.

Cross-dataset reports

Save time creating reports.


Google Analytics integration

Connect your Google Analytics accounts to monitor your conversion goals side by side with your campaign results.

Investor Acquisition

Intuitive processes and enabling features for Lead Conversions and Client On-boarding.

Our suite of intelligent and intuitive processes provides business development professionals with enabling features for successfully converting leads into long-term clients. In today’s more and more demanding regulatory environment, Investment managers are required to ensure that potential clients are of the “right kind” for the services provided, in addition to the need for deeper KYC, AML and TCF requirements.

Our end-to-end Lead generation to Account Opening process is designed to satisfy regulators whilst making light work for investment managers and most importantly keeping the client at the centre stage.

Service Excellence


Working smart is more important than working hard. We help you to serve intelligently.

It is one thing to win new wealth, but quite another to make it old! Keeping Investor Clients happily locked into a long-term relationship is typically based on two things. First is the performance of the client’s portfolio, but a close second the quality of service delivered to the client in the process. And this is where WinWealth makes the difference.

Using the latest available Microsoft Technology, we provide intelligent features to help you deliver a diamond service on time and in every case.

Portfolio Management

Tailored Investor and Intermediary Portfolio Management views for Investment Managers, Sales executives, etc.

Thanks to a substantial investment in research, WinWealth is designed to provide key Wealth Management Practitioners including Investment Managers, Business Developers, Front and Back office Client servicing teams with tailored functionality and intelligence so that each role may fully contribute its quota and achieve high performance.

We provide effective Sales and Client Portfolio Management at various levels or the organisation from user, team, office, and group level portfolios. WinWealth aids Sales professionals to adequately assess Client Suitability for Investment Services, aids decision-making about investment mix and policy, matching investments to objectives, asset allocation for individuals and institutions, and balancing risk against performance.